All About Me

Quite a normal day in the office. I worked on my Emails, checked incidentally my news on facebook and didn`t trust my eyes when i discovered the following:

Somebody edited a picture of me and used photoshop to coloured my hair red and to gave me the typically Abraham beard and posted this picture on the biggest german fan website of The Walking Dead.

Every minute rised the incoming likes and i didn`t know at all what happened there and mainly, why? I should recommend that i did not recognized or watched The Walking Dead at that time. This picture had a few days later several thousands likes and many people contacted me, and told me how amazing the similarity to Abraham appears.

It went far beyond all expectations when the press, like the Bildzeitung and the Neue Presse Hannover, contacted me and detailed reported about the Abraham doppelganger from germany. Even the NDR filmed a small reportage.

I received invitations to different events and conventions, like the Filmbörse Oberhausen, the Weekend of hell in Oberhausen and the first german ComicCon in Dortmund, where i acted as a Abraham Ford Cosplayer and surprised the visitors with the enormous similarity to the original.

The one and not so only original, Michael Cudlitz, became aware of the fact, he has a doppelganger, me. So he invited me to meet him in London at the Walker Stalker Convention in London this february, i am so exited about this.

Actually every week bring exiting and amazing news and new experiences into my life, and i am so happy about this. I am so curious to what the future holds for me!